Went out to my favorite bar tonight with my best friend and of all people to run into, we run into our creepy English teacher from high school. Then half of the student body from high school right after that… What the hell

At least I killed at pool.

It’s official. I’m finally enrolled into the Art Academy of San Francisco. Once it hits fall, I’ll be off living somewhere new and finally starting classes to a new future for me. I really don’t know whether to be nervous or just plain excited but I’m glad something is going on in my life that I’m fully happy about. Once I leave, I’ll only be taking with me the happy memories that I’ve created and leaving behind not only people who given up on me and our friendships but all the negativity that I’ve experienced along the way. Because like everything… It goes on.

I just want to move. I hate this place. I barely have any friends here. My heart doesn’t belong here but with someone else in a different place… I’m so stressed and sad and it fucking sucks.

Drunk on love

Literally drunk though.
And singing to Rihanna.

I’ve just been on edge and irritated lately. The littlest thing can set me off and quite frankly, i’m just over a lot things and dealing with people’s bullshit.